Making our roads safer for the future of Cape Town

Design a poster, a radio advert, or a reel/video on Road Safety interventions showcasing the Safe Systems Approach to reduce crashes and fatalities on
Cape Town roads.

R 5 000 - First prize
R 2 000 - Second prize
R 1 000 - Third prize


Did you know?

In Cape Town, more than 60% of fatal road safety victims over the
2017-2021 period were pedestrians.
Further investigation of the fatality trends revealed a statistically
significant increase in young pedestrian fatalities.
There are various areas that show significant increases in pedestrian
fatalities. The two most concerning suburban areas are Parow and
Khayelitsha. Parow showed an increase in fatalities of 73% and
Khayelitsha 40% between 2017 and 2021.

Did you know?

An average per month in Cape Town in 2022:- 7 800 fines for red light running
- 180 000 speed fines
- 200 arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol
- 1 400 drivers fined for making use of cell phones while driving
- 17 500 fines for failure to wear a seatbelt
- 28 000 fines for unlicensed motor vehicles
- 12 800 fines for unlicensed drivers on the road

Competition Rules

The competition is open to university students registered in 2023/24.There are three categories. You may enter in one, two or all three categories:- Poster A1 size (horizontal or portrait)
- Recorded radio advert (30 seconds)
- Reel/video (30 to 60 seconds)
The competition opens on 1 December 2023, submissions must be uploaded by 5 pm on 15 January 2024.The competition is open to students residing in South Africa.

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Images by CfTS and Vecteezy